Ayurvedic Treatment


Detoxify And Regenerate Your Mind, Body, And Soul. It can increase the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies. It tones the muscles. Uzhichil regulates the flow of energy within the body and improves circulation.


This effective ayurvedic eye treatment is a cleaning process for the eyes, which gives them a cooling effect, prevents eye diseases and strengthens the optic nerves. It also helps to balance Vata and Pitta doshas and revitalization and rejuvenation of tired dry, rough and injured eyes.


Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic Detoxification therapy that helps in detoxification of the body and mind, strengthening of immunity, restoration of balance and well-being, stress reduction, slow ageing, boosting the body and its immunity level.


Pizhichal- This particular Ayurvedic treatment combines rich oil massage with special heat treatment. Become once again young, through this most preferred ayurvedic rejuvenation technique and regenerate a fresh you all over again.


Head is where you have to keep clean. Panchakarma + Shirodhara is also helpful for Headache, Stress, Hypertension, Atrophy of the brain, and various other head/ brain-related diseases and problems. Undergo Dr NAC’s Panchakarma (detoxification of body & mind) and Shiro Dhara (Oil Head Massage).


Udvarthanam is an ayurvedic body massage that’s done with a herbal powder to tone and exfoliate the skin, reduce fat tissue and weight, give a radiant and glowing skin, improve skin complexion, and remove bad body odour. Lose weight in a natural way through Dr. NAC’s Udvarthanam treatment.


Navarakkizhi is a highly rejuvenating ayurvedic treatment that also helps in treating arthritis and neurological disorders. Nourish & strengthen your body and soul through Navarakkizhi treatment which helps in complete rejuvenation and refreshment.


Elakkizhi is an innovative classical massage done with medicated leaves. Tackle arthritis, joint pain, muscle cramps and stress with this ancient ayurvedic treatment and live life with a full-on peace.


Podikkizhi is a specialized sweat-inducing Ayurvedic treatment that will help to relieve your joint pain and to strengthen your spinal muscles with a relaxing and refreshing ayurvedic massage treatment.


Nasyam is an ayurvedic cleansing of the head region, i.e. the excess of bodily humors accumulated in the sinus, nose, throat, or head. Drop off your ENT worries with Nasyam, ayurvedic treatment for Eyes, Nose, and throat which also helps to cure medical conditions like mental disorders.


Bid a farewell to all your rheumatic disorders (Vata) by expelling all your body toxins with Ayurveda’s Vasti treatment. Vasthi helps in washing out all your body toxins through the digestive tract, alleviating constipation, chronic fever, the common cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, and heart pain.